About the family tree . . .

The seeds for this project were planted decades ago in a warm country kitchen as a young lad listened to the fascinating tales and reminiscences of family elders gathered around the table. Later came some scribbles in a notebook, then copies of an uncle's diligently compiled paper records, then miles of travel and hours of poking through family scrapbooks, shoeboxes of photos, public library records and official documents.

This site held 630 individual web pages when the family tree was first uploaded in March of 2004. That number grows with frequent updates as paper records are translated into digital form and as new entries are discovered or contributed. Each Web page shows the individual (or individual and spouse or partner) with parents and children. If any information about the parents and/or the children is on this site, the page will link to them.

In some instances, nothing more than the name of a parent or child is known. In those cases, no individual page is linked. Sometimes, information about an individual is scanty — just a date or a place or the name of a spouse — but the individual's page is presented, anyway, as it might offer clues to someone researching family ties.

Frequently, names are not linked because the branch would lead far from the main stem of the Bragg family tree, beyond the purview of this Website. But these "dead" links often are very much alive on other family tree sites; use the internet's search engines to look for live links to these individuals.

In many cases, a name is not linked because research is proceeding and/or the available information and notes are not yet transcribed into browser-friendly format. The author is working steadily at these loose ends, as you can see by the Version History on this page.

So, please come back occasionally to check for new information. Unlike printed reports, the online family tree can change from day to day, even hour to hour.

About privacy . . .

The goal has been to present as much information as practical, even about living members of the family. Some genealogy sites omit almost all information about living persons.

Here, instead, we choose to maintain a reasonable shield of privacy for living family members while communicating some information about who they are and whence they came. For example, the birthdates of living persons are partially screened to obscure the exact year of birth, but the month and day are presented, if known. This information can benefit researchers, but is of no use to brigands or swindlers.

About liberty . . .

The Internet is a marvelous concept, a brilliant application of technology and certainly one of humankind's greatest cooperative ventures since ancient times. In just a few years the Internet has linked ordinary people to each other in ways our parents could not have imagined. In America, the Internet has enabled a regrowth of community discourse within a society that has become increasingly fragmented.

We have a responsibility to future generations to strengthen this human connection and to keep the Internet free from interference by profiteers, puritans and fear-mongers. The unimpeded flow of uncensored information and ideas is a uniquely precious liberty. We must defend and preserve it.


An acknowledgement of many individual contributors whose hard work and generous sharing of their research helped lead the way to collecting and interpreting this family history.
Version History

June 6, 2012: Added and updated entries for members of the Chalmers family.

2011: Routine updates.

2010: Routine updates.

2009: Numerous routine updates.

June 30, 2008: Added more than a dozen photos of decendants of the Renton and Stong families of Ontario.

June 25, 2008: Extended our record of the Presnall family line by six generations and 170 years, back to 17th-Century England.

June 19, 2008: Added more than 40 names from the Renton family of Canada.

June 10, 2008: Added members of the Stong family of Ontario.

July 14, 2007: Added and linked some members of the McCombs family.

Febuary 20, 2005: Updated entries for younger members of the Rogers family.

January 15, 2005: Enhanced data on Worl cousins, added Whitinger family members.

October 13, 2004: Added info on some Stevens ancestors from the 18th & 19th centuries.

September 25, 2004: Added 30 photos of living and deceased family members, mostly in the Bragg and Thompson lines.

September 17, 2004: Included family links to Don Cameron Wilson (1884-1964) & Dottie Smith (1886-1954).

September 14, 2004: Expanded descendant history of Adelbert Elihu (Bert) Bragg (1877-1966) & Ella Virginia Miller (1879-1918).

August 30, 2004: Enhanced family record of Vance Hedrick Worl (1905-1946) & Irene Thompson (1906- ).

May 28, 2004: Augmented record of descendants of William Hoyle Bragg (1812-1872) & Elizabeth Ann Haynes.

May 17, 2004: Added eight photos of living family members.

May 5, 2004: Posted 29 face photos, mostly in Bragg line from 2000-2004, some in Stevens and Sirk lines from early 1900s.

April 21, 2004: Added descendants of Peter B. Bragg (1819-1900) & Mary Ann Watson (1822-1907).

March 2004: Uploaded the first large section of the family tree. It linked more than 600 web pages and almost 800 individuals with birthdates spanning just over 500 years.

The Curator
This is one among many sites about the Bragg family in America. Here we are under the "" banner because the builder of this site secured his family domain name more than a decade ago when the Internet began to expand out of government and academe into the public arena. He is always pursuing leads to more family history and information. If you can help, please contact . This project is a communal effort of hundreds of researchers and sources through the years. Please don't hesitate to contribute, even if your information is as brief as a single name or date or place.
The Method
Since the mid-1980s, the family information you see on this site has been compiled on Macintosh computers. The data entry software is an efficient and elegant database program called Reunion, first developed by Pennsylvanian Frank Leister more than 15 years ago — long before the Web was a reality. The family tree pages on this site were generated in Reunion (currently in version 8), then customized for stylesheet design using BBEdit, a powerful and widely used editing and coding application for Macintosh, in conjunction with Applescript.